Profiteks Companies Group, which improves its investments each passing day, is a family company established by PELIK family

Among these companies, there are lots of investments in many fields from production of dental prosthesis to textile.

Profiteks Companies Group, which offers employment opportunities for approx. 500 persons with investments made and export potential, is a model establishment for Turkey.

It is a supplier that exports 80% and imports 20% of its products.

It is one of the leading suppliers of Turkey especially in PET raw materials, paper and forestry products.

Profiteks, which exports to 35 countries around the world, has become one of the reliable companies for 4 years.

Profiteks, which primarily exports food, work safety, furniture, dental prosthesis, tobacco and tobacco products, shoes and organic textile products, increases its investments each passing year and keeps pace with growing Turkey and Turkish economy.

We express our gratitude to all Profiteks and our partners.

For and on behalf of Profiteks Companies Group

Emre PELIK Chairman