Our laboratory that is one of the advance company in dental sector is established by Ahmet Kurtulmuş in 1992 at Çiğli/İzmir. Our aim to establish is to export abroad, especially directly to Germany.

In 1994 Prodental had the TS EN ISO 9002 certificate because of the great succes in theis regular and scientific working styles. Because of the developments in our trading, technology and increasing number of our workers encourage us to widen our production plant . We moved to our first building in AOSB with our team that is full of people who are creative, open to all developments and changes, specialists in their area and have the ability of solving our customer's problems quickly.

Our 1000 m2 service area performs the hygenic norms at parent level as well as it is dressed up with last technology.
In 1996 according to the claims of domestic doctors, we started to wokr for domestic market too.
Our company has an institutional structure with its administrative department, the advisors that are professional in economics, health and law at the side of their technical staff.

Our company alsa facts a dominant role at its sector with the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate.
In 2010 due to the demands from our customers and to catch our production target; we moved our second plant in AOSB and have started to work in our 1500m2 factory area with our workers who are more than 100 people and have been working for all domestic and foreigner doctors and laboratories.

According to the demands and to protect our quality standarts; our German and Turkish tooth specialists and technicians are checkhing the quality.
Prodental that has the aim af customer care and quality at every step of producing; will go on workin in both domestic and foreigner area.