HUBB Instrument Workshop was established in order to manufacture handmade professional woodwind instruments, notably clarinet. HUBB Instrument Workshop which is structured in a technological environment, manufactured the Gırnata G Clarinet, which acquired its current design after painstaking R&D and has received great appreciation and drawn heavy attention in the world. Along with Gırnata G Clarinet, HUBB Instrument Workshop is manufacturing, Gırnata A Clarinet, HUBB Bb Clarinet, Wooden Flute Head-Joint and Traverse Flute – Rottenburg, by combining the delicate hand workmanship with the finest quality of materials.

By years, HUBB Instrument Workshop added Middle Eastern percussion instruments to its instrument range and designed and manufactured the first and the only Wooden Darbuka in the world. Along with Wooden Darbuka, Ceramic Darbuka, Frame Drum and Riqq which are manufactured by HUBB Instrument Workshop, are played by many master musicians with great appreciation in both stage performances and recordings.