Our company established in 1997 for applying and producing specific structural custom solutions and aluminum joinery, aluminum cladding and facade systems.

Working in the field of development and specialized goal to always have issues that related with our company to receive supports from any manufacturer ant to act together with quality and reliable company also has succeeded

Projects are handled as creating monument with ethical, environmental and demand sensitivity approach. So its principle is to produce accurate solutions.

Giving top priority to the continuous investment, machinery, tools equipment, building, mobilization and human purpose has adopted investment. Into the ISO 9001:2000 quality system, quality system documentation as soon as possible the demands of the customers the highest quality to meet the target has adopted. Todays, the Aegean region mainly we have to perform, shopping center, housing, sport complexes, villas, industrial buildings, showroom, hotel, motel, business center and aministration building outstanding projects such as its signature is an organization proud of, while the high quality and value our services continue.