Founded in 1979 by the late Mr. Adhemar Nicchio who ran the business up to the year 2006, Nicchio Café S/A exportation and importation, began its activities specifically turned to the buying and selling of raw coffee grain in the internal brazilian market. With seriousness, punctuality in the transactions and always respecting the clients, the business conquered its space in the large and competitive market of brazilian coffee.

Nowadays ran by the board of directors Adhemar Tadeu Nicchio and Claudio Nicchio, Nicchio Café has a prominent space in the internal and external market, in the commercialization of raw coffee grain.

In the internal market the company has suppliers (rural producers and other companies) in the state of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Rondônia and have a wide range of clients, among them the biggest roasting companies of Brazil.

In the external market the company exports to all Europe, United States, Middle East and in the future it also intends to include Asia in its exportation.

Always showing transparence in its deals with the clientele and suppliers, the company is concerned about the quality of service and satisfaction of all, from the closing of the deal until the delivery of the merchandise, always forseeing quality and punctuality in the transactions

The company counts on a team of professionals who ork with synchronism so that the good service may always be the main goal towards the clientele and suppliers.