MASDOR is a world brand which makes production of high-quality wooden door in its factory in Brazil and manufactures 30.000 doors in a month. Pinewood door manufacturing system provides for customer with high performance assurance. Since a fine door adds identity and value to a house, MASDOR doors are made of our best quality wood. There are entrance doors, interior doors, glazed doors, venting/louvered doors and fire-resistant doors in our product portfolio. In every year, new models are added to our products. We are manufacturing doors not only for foreign market but also for domestic market.

You can find technical information about all our products. All the materials used in MASDOR products are obtained from woods grown exactingly with FSC certificate. Our wooden products are made of Elliot and Taeda pinewood. Elliot pine shows the best performance in knotty doors. Taeda pine is used in decorative doors. MADSOR brings quality to your life.