URCAN COIL (URCAN BOBINAJ) has been a leading company in the sector with the services of maintenance and winding of the AC Motors, Lubricated and Hydrous Immersion Pumps, and Cooling Compressors since 1985 and it still provides its services by considering the qualified staffing and quality service concepts. Final solutions have been spanned with the quality materials and specialist technical staff. We provide our services under the assurance of Turkish Standards Institute.

We, URCAN COIL (URCAN BOBINAJ) have initiated and established our international cooperation upon the heavy requests from our customers since 2008, and established the company of which business name is URC Electric Pumps, and started to produce the same trademark immersion and electro pumps under the guarantee of URCAN COIL (URCAN BOBINAJ). Concordantly, we carry out our devoted and excellent activities.